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    i like to do a lot of my shopping online, its easier to compare deals….also easier because i dont have to shlep the baby around shopping

    Tricia Martin

    I save on holiday shopping by shopping all year long and picking up things I find on sale. I also do swagbucks and cash out for Amazon Gift cards all year long and then just save up my Amazon money to help buy Christmas gifts. =)

    karen a

    I do most of my shopping on line. With the free shipping deals you can’t go wrong.

    teresa harvey

    I only shop sales, and buy online using amazon, you can find some great deals!


    Going to hit up walmart and sams club get some shopping done online at Amazon!


    Shop early in stores and online. Always have a partner and we help ech other with items we each want 🙂

    Kathy Dickens

    i do most of my shopping online so i save on gas. I shop and compare prices. Last year we wanted to get my daughter the melissa and doug art easel. it was on sale through their site but i kept searching to find a better price. I got it through amazon w/ free shipping for just 59.95. I love when toysrus and kohls offer free shipping. I also by items when they are on sale and put them away. We bought books for our kids this summer and I have hid them till Christmas. and of course GIVeaways!! I love to enter giveaways and for toys, books and gift cards!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Congratulations Kathy — I’ll email you about your prize!

    Denise L

    I go through rebate sites like Ebates and SHop at HOme when I shop online. That combined with coupon codes = BIG SAVINGS!


    Denise, that’s a good tip. Did anyone brave the stores yesterday? I was too tired!


    I shop on Black Friday at my some of my favorite stores. I love Target and Walmart. JCP and Kohls always have great deals too. I love to compare prices and you can also get great deals the Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas. I haven’t shopped Christmas Eve in awhile but I love the day after Christmas shopping for Christmas decorations!


    Janice, I have found great things at Kohl’s before! That’s a super store with a lot of finds!

    Stefanie Gladden

    I try to set a budget, and find coupons and deals for everything!


    I have to confess I still haven’t shopped nor taken advantage of these deals – too tired and overwhelmed this past weekend! Which is not to say I’m not getting stressed about the holiday shopping already!! I am really appreciating these good tips from you all!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Hi everyone. The winner for this giveaway is Kathy Dickens…congrats Kathy and I agree that online shopping is a great way to save. Hope you scored some Cyber Monday deals too. We have another giveaway running this week here:

    Happy shopping!


    THank You, I was able to get a couple deals..30% off and free shipping …i think the sales will get better so I didn’t do all of my shopping