5 American Kids Hit Barcelona’s Miro Museum

Hello, everyone! So we’re still having the times of our lives in Barcelona, Spain and I can’t believe that in ten short days we’ll be heading on — sniff. My kids have loved the change of pace and the nightly World Cup viewings. Mom’s been having fun taking a break from my at home how-to videos to freely shoot our adventures with my iPhone. Hope that you guys like them!!

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Getting around Barcelona has proved so much easier than I feared due to the convenience of the daily tour buses, which we took again this past weekend. After some shots from our bus ride, today’s video follows us at one of the most renowned of the Barcelona museums, the Foundation Miro. Giving each their own audio guide was truly the key to making our visit a pleasant experience, because each child felt involved and had a sense of ownership over the experience. If you’ve been wondering how to handle your kids in museums, I highly highly recommend getting audio guides! You are buying yourself up to an hour of peace, and even if your kids don’t absorb all the information, chances are they will retain at least some greater knowledge of the art, right? I didn’t have a guide but Lachlan kept offering to share his and saying “Mom, I’m really learning a lot.” Priceless. Marielle definitely was not pressing the right buttons — ha ha. But she was calm and quiet and felt like a big kid.

After the Miro Museum, we take off up a mountain to see wonderful views from one of the most famous attractions in Barcelona, Mont Juïc (just learned how to make that accent on my computer so feeling very proud — ha ha). Our first viewing of the Mediterranean proved breathtaking. I hope to go back soon and take the kids to the beach there…

Please watch my video to see the marvelous sites we uncovered, and thank you so much for the bottom of my heart for following Cloudmom.

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