My Experiences With Natural Childbirth

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HI everyone, Melissa here.  Today I’m sharing my experiences with giving birth to a baby without an epidural.  I did this twice – neither time by design.  In both cases, the baby was coming too fast for me to have an epidural!  There was nothing heroic at all, I simply had no choice!

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Like any expecting mom, when I was pregnant, one of the biggest questions I was asking myself was “is giving birth painful.”  Having been to this rodeo now 5 times, my honest answer now is YES.  I found giving birth to be painful both without and with the epidural, so I decided to film two videos on this issue recounting my own personal experiences. The topic of today’s video is “how painful is natural childbirth?”  Obviously every case is different and I’m only speaking about my own experiences here.

My first baby Hedley came VERY quickly!  He was born 40 minutes after my water broke.  My Mom was staying with us, and apparently I was very rude to her.  I said something to her which I have never said (watch my video to see what!).  With Beckett, my third child, same situation, not enough time.  For more on my natural childbirth stories and what exactly hurt and when, watch my video!  I have another video coming up soon on the epidural injection, so check that out as well for comparison!

Anyway, please share your childbirth stories as well as your views on pain medication during childbirth on CloudMom because I would love to hear what you went through.  Thanks so much for watching!