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    Such an interesting topic and one that I have been considering on my second pregnancy. I am planning to breast feed and felt like I had a great experience the first time around but had heard from two friends great experiences with drying the placenta in capsule form and figured I would “try” it this time around. I guess it is like “insurance” for me?

    I’ll be sure to get more of their opinion and also get the opinion of my doctor.

    Thank you!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Definitely worth looking into and let me know what you find out and how it goes (and good luck with the pregnancy!). xo M


    Living in Portland Oregon, placenta ingestion is relatively common. That being said, I still thought it was weird. After much thought however, my husband (of all people) talked me into having my placenta encapsulated. They basically dry it up and put it into a bunch of capsules which I then took after the baby was born. Honestly, this is the only way I would even consider ingesting my placenta, but hey to each their own. This was my first baby, but I must say that I felt pretty good afterwards. I didn’t have any baby blues and I had pretty good energy. The capsules lasted about two and a half months and I took 3-4 per day. Now that I’m no longer taking them I’m feeling a little more tired and worn out. I have spoken with some other women who also had their placentas encapsulated and they also feel like their recovery was pretty good. I would definitely recommend placenta encapsulation and plan on doing it again with any future babies.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Kristina, thanks so much for sharing and glad it was so helpful!! xo M


    yes, I’ve eaten placenta twice; back in the 1980’s. I thought as a midwife, I should have that experience so I would be familiar with it, in the case any of my clients wanted to try it. (Most of the times I just buried it in my backyard.) Many have, but not until just lately. I guess I was ahead of my time. While some swear it increases milk supply, a few think it actually did the opposite. It does seem to help with the afterpains. Clients with a hx of using psychotropics, have really benefitted from ingesting their placenta, enabling them to forgo psychotropics altogether, or at least take the minimum dose. All those with a hx of post partum psychosis, did not have a reoccurrence!
    The most amazing rapid-action use I have seen though, is using it to stop a pp hemorrhage. if you cut off a quarter-sized piece & place it between your gums & cheek, (like a chaw of tobacco) it has never (so far, knock on wood!) failed to staunch the flow within minutes, even faster than Pitocin!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Super interesting Marlene and glad to see you back on CloudMom. Happy Holidays to you!