Are Playdates Necessary?

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As time goes on and kids get busier and busier, playdates can be a hard thing to coordinate.  Over the past eight years since my first was born, I haven’t done a lot of playdates and I didn’t look for playdates as a way to entertain the kids.  Rather, I sort of figured my kids had their siblings and they could play with them.

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Are Playdates Just For Entertaining Kids or More?

But truth be told, I now have discovered that I was wrong.  I’ve seen my older boys especially playing with friends and how much they get out of this, and realized that it’s a totally different thing than playing with your sibs.  Playdates seem to give them a sense of independence, belonging, and fun.  They also need to develop friendships and the one-on-one of playdates really seems to help those friendships flourish.  So to be honest with you guys, I’ve done a 360 on the whole issue of playdates.

What are the ways in which you entertain children and do you try to schedule toddler playdates or playdates for your older kids?  Comment below, I’d love to hear more about your experience.

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