Battling a Sense of Entitlement in my Kids

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Hi there everyone.  Melissa here back with another of our Tuesday videos.  Lately, I have been answering viewer’s questions regarding baby issues with my advice but today I’m turning the tables and asking you guys for advice. Hope that’s ok!


Child behavior has always been a bit of a mystery to me and when it comes to raising kids, I am always sampling new techniques! The latest issue I’ve been having are kids that are constantly demanding something.  “Mommy, where are my goggles?”, “Mommy, I need a new tennis racket!”, “Mommy, Lachlan did XYZ!”, “Mommy, what’s for dinner?”, “Mommy can we watch TV?”

Sense of Entitlement in Kids

“Mommy,” “Mommy,” “Mommy” — I’m so proud to be that person yet fielding these demands wears me out!  I hear a sense of entitlement in their voices, whereas I’ve tried so hard not to raise spoiled children.  So I find myself feeling overwhelmed and disappointed by the fact that my kids have no idea how they affect ME.

Since this  “firestorm of demands” has been happening a lot this summer, I came up with a new plan of attack which I present in today’s video.  The plan involves having each children assume responsibility for the family’s needs on one day of the week.  Watch and weigh in with whether you think this plan will work!

I’ll be back in a few with the results of this parenting experiment!

Thanks for reading!