Track your Baby's Development


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    Becky Kinard

    It is a proven fact that when parents spend 20-30 minutes each night reading to their children, it expands their vocabulary by leaps and bounds. Plus I have always enjoyed the quality time together and holding my kids as we read stories.


    Marielle is so cute but more importantly – smart and strong! Love this 🙂

    Sandy Klocinski

    So adorable! I always enjoyed reading to my daughter


    I’ve always encouraged my kids to read from when they were babies. Now, they all read for enjoyment.


    This is a great reading system! It would help guide daily reading for kids.

    Joe Valenti

    This looks like a great reading system!


    Sounds like a really good reading system.

    Amy Deeter

    This would be great to have for my daughter


    I bet she would love it! Hope you had a chance to check them out and learn more at their site! 🙂


    This sounds awesome! I wish they had been around when my kids were young


    That looks like a great program. I’m glad she has her very own library.
    slehan at juno dot com

    Cindy Quisenberry

    my grandson is 4 and he is learning to read.He loves to be read to and has most of his books memorized

    Becky Kinard

    So many kids are weak when it comes to reading comprehension. This sounds like a really good program.

    shannon fowler

    This sounds like such a great program!


    It’s wonderful! Definitely worth trying out!


    My niece is just learning to read. I think she would enjoy this program.


    I’ve read to my 4 children and now to my 5 grandchildren. They are all good students in school I believe because of their parents reading to them as well as their grandparents and their own reading once they learned how. Rosanne

    Jerry Marquardt

    I think that it is an excellent program to start kids out on.

    lissa crane

    As a mom of four, I sure could use any help I can get to encourage my kiddo’s to become better readers! With so much technology out there today, I love seeing a book involved with any program!


    with grandkids we get read to a lot and the older ones read to the youngest


    Wow this would be amazing for my grandkids they are learning to read this would encourage them to love books and have a blast doing it. Thank you for sharing.


    Sure! Thanks for learning about it and hope you guys get a chance to try it out! 🙂

    Tracy Suzanne DeLoach

    I wish this was around when I was a kid. I think my nieces would really benefit from this program.