When Is Baby Ready for Solid Foods?

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So you’ve been breastfeeding for what seems like an eternity by now! The next step? Solids! Starting your baby on solids is exciting, but can also be stressful when neither your baby – nor you – has any experience with this! When do you start? Which foods do you give? Watch for some great tips on introducing solid foods to your baby!

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Signs Your Baby is ready for Solids

After going through this five times, I’ve learned a few things about recognizing the signs a baby is ready for solids. Once your baby is no longer using the “tongue-thrust reflex”, he is sitting up, and is showing a curiosity for foods, it might be a good idea to start solids!

When to Start Solids

Even if you’re not the scheduling type (like yours truly), you’ll want to have an “introducing solid foods schedule” of sorts. This will allow about 3 to 4 days after each new food to introduce another food just to make sure your baby does not have an allergy or unpleasant reaction. Keep watching for more tips on when to start baby food!

Please share your experiences with spotting the signs that your baby was ready for solids and with introducing solids below, and thanks so much for visiting CloudMom!