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    Is there a schdule difference for stage 2?

    Melissa Lawrence

    Hi KellyO — Stage 2 has more to do with what sort of food the baby is ready for. Once he can handle those simple purees, and has tried a variety of foods, he or she migrates to trying combos, etc… I would say by the time your baby hits stage 2 he is about 7-9 months generally so at this stage you can give a “meal” after the morning, noon, and evening feeding, or before, and can give snacks too. So there isn’t really a schedule change, but with stage 1 you are just trying to get the baby to sample small bits so it’s less of a routine, does this help? Good luck with your baby! xo M


    I really love your site. It’s hard to find information I trust for my baby, and I’m just so lost when it comes to stage 2. I was just buying stage 2 food in a jar. He’s only eating fruits and veggies no meat, pastas, or rice. Should I be giving him more and if so how should I prepare it for him?

    Melissa Lawrence

    HI Destiny! Sorry it’s taken me long to write back to you, it’s been so busy with back to school. I think that you can start to mix in different things at stage two, so you can do pureed meats, and pasta and rice, it doesn’t have to be quite a soupy but it should not be too lumpy. Check out the video I have on stage 2. There is a certain amount of time you need to wait after introducing each new food to make sure your baby is not allergic. Good luck with your baby and thanks for writing in! xo Melissa