What To Eat While Breastfeeding

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Hello Mamas!  I’m so excited about all the new different types of content we are starting on our site.  Tomorrow, we are launching our first fashion post — yeah!   Thursday, we have the second piece in our Thursday Reflections series.  And up on Saturday will be Weekly Wrap Up with our weekly giveaway, which is giving me a fun way to look back at my family’s precious moments.  I’m having so much fun reading your comments on these so thanks for weighing in.

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But we’re still staying close to our origins here at CloudMom.com which is how to take care of babies and new moms!  So I’m excited about today’s video which walks through some of the building blocks of a healthy breastfeeding diet.

I know, I know, we all want to lose that extra baby pudge.  But it’s crucial not to be too critical of the way your body looks after giving birth.  Remember, your body has just given you the gift of life!  Losing the baby weight takes time — some say, at least a year.  So when you are thinking about what to eat, you want to think less about your pounds and more about getting the proper nutrition for mom and baby.  Plus remember that breastfeeding actually burns off a lot of calories.  So if you eat healthy and manage to fit in some exercise, you should see the extra weigth starting to come off soon.

Your body has just given you a baby, and that is the most beautiful thing ever. So be easy on yourself, remind yourself of this, and remember to keep cherishing your own body for doing this very magical thing. | CloudMom.comPin to share with friends!

A Healthy Breastfeeding Diet

So what should I eat while breastfeeding?  Well, if you’re breastfeeding, you’ll want to stock up on essentials nutrients, such as calcium, protein, and essential vitamins and minerals! Keep drinking milk; eat cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products (if you eat dairy, and if not, make sure to find other sources of calcium and protein, because you want to replenish what is going out of your body in the form of the milk for the baby). Whole grains and cereals are also great options. And don’t forget to stock up on lots of delicious fruits and veggies to satisfy your late-night cravings! These vitamins and minerals will maintain your natural health after birth! And they taste great, too!  Hope you enjoyed this video on nutrition for breastfeeding moms and don’t forget to check in tomorrow for our first Fashion post.



OH, and here are some of my other videos on breastfeeding nutrition:

 What worked for you when it came to your diet during while breastfeeding? Any favorite recipes or food ideas? Comment below, I would love to hear from you!