Choosing a Health Plan for Your Family

Hi everybody. One of the many things that becomes more complicated with the arrival of kids is health care. Young kids need to visit the doctor frequently and have easy access to specialists and medications. New moms need the same, especially to make sure that their health is back on track after giving birth. And let’s not forget about our dads, who are facing the stress of child rearing along with their other pressures.


So whereas selecting health insurance plans as a young 20 or 30-something might not have been your most pressing issue, choosing the right health plan for you family once you’re a parent looms large.

Choosing a Health Plan for Your Family

Health care terminology has always intimidated me.  Start talking about health savings plans or health retirement plans and my brain quivers.  Tell me about premiums versus out of pocket expenses and I’m officially in over my head. With my husband between jobs right now, my family has had to make decisions about our health care plans, which has meant that I have had to get a grasp on what these concepts and terms actually mean.
United Healthcare has designed a new engagement called “Are You a Health Plan Pro” which educates you in a quick and easy way on how to choose the right health insurance plan for your family. In today’s video, I walk you thought why this engagement educates us in such a fun and helpful way. unitedhealthcare-test-your-knowledgeThe engagement walks you through health care terminology, different types of health care accounts, premiums versus out of pocket ratios, and even presents you with a variety of health care situations from least to most expensive (i.e., having a baby, going to urgent care).
The parts of the engagement get you up to speed on key terms and concepts so that you yourself can be health plan PRO, informed to make the right choices for your family. Love that!
And here’s the fun part, when you’re finished learning about all this stuff, the engagement allows you to enter to win one of eight $100 prizes and two $500 prizes, as part of a special sweepstakes.
With family health insurance being such a crucial part of our lives as parents, don’t miss this fun opportunity to get up to speed on all of the health care plan options out there by taking the informative quizes of United Healthcare’s engagement. Watch my video for more information and remember, nothing matters more than your family’s health.
This is a sponsored post.  This post is brought to you by United Healthcare.  The opinions expressed in this post are my own. 

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