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    I consider health care a basic human right. We need to take care of people.

    Christina Sparks

    I hope there we be better healthcare in the future.

    Anne Flickinger

    I believe good healthcare should be affordable to everyone regardless of their income.

    shannon fowler

    My fiancé and I both work in healthcare, so we navigate it pretty easily. There are so many things that I think the average patient does not get information about that could really help them.

    Debra Holloway

    It is nice that there is a fun way to learn about healthcare coverage.

    Liberty Thompson

    I did not realize how uneducated I was about our healthcare plan and we have United Health Care!


    I learned a few things too! Very helpful site! Thanks for checking it out!

    Sarah Hayes

    I learned a lot from their site.


    That’s awesome! I’m glad you found it educational!

    Joni Mason

    I was surprised to find that I knew more about health care plans than I thought. Interesting quiz!


    That’s wonderful! Thanks for taking the quiz!


    I even work in healthcare, yet health insurance is still confusing!


    Right? Love how informative the quizzes and engagements are! Thanks for reading!


    The cost of health care is astronomical but we have the best care in the world. Ask all the people who travel from around the world to be seen @ Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, Memorial Sloan Kettering, MD Anderson etc.


    I got perfect scores on all the quizzes. Peace and Love this holiday season.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

    Jeannette Harkin

    These are some good thought provoking health quizzes…thanks CloudMom


    Sure thing! Thanks for checking them out!

    Betsy Barnes

    I find this site very helpful! All of the quizzes are fun, plus, I learned a few things!


    We finally got health insurance through my husband’s new employer after so many years without it. What a relief!


    Thanks for doing this giveaway. One time I was in an accident and had to go to the er. Luckily nothing was really wrong but it cost me $40,000 for a couple hours. When they billed me I wrote them to tell them I had no money and asked to forgive the debt and I never heard any more about it.


    So sorry about your accident! TY for entering!


    I took the quiz and realized that we have spent a lot on our family’s healthcare this year!


    It’s definitely an eye opening quiz! Very helpful!