Breastfeeding Noises from Your Baby

Hello Mamas!

I hope that breastfeeding your baby has been as smooth an experience as possible. Today, I’ll be talking about an interesting breastfeeding topic; breastfeeding noises. At first, it can seem like your newborn is breastfeeding constantly. However, it turns out that this doesn’t mean your baby is also eating during all of that time! Keep watching as I explain the difference between the two kinds of infant nursing.

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Newborn Breastfeeding

According to Dr. T. Berry Brazelton (author of the Brazelton Assessment Scale), there are two kinds of infant nursing: comfort breastfeeding and breastfeeding for nutritional needs. Comfort breastfeeding is sucking and licking in the front of throat for the purpose of self-soothing. The other is nutritive sucking for eating and happens in the back of the throat. To make sure that your baby is actually eating enough of your breast milk, learn to distinguish between the sound of your baby sucking and actually swallowing the milk and just sucking for comfort. For more on breastfeeding nutrition through nutritive and non-nutritive sucking, refer to my video!

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