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    Kay Saunders

    I have never traveled abroad but i really want to some day!! The furthest iv’e gone was from Utah to Florida about 6 years ago and that wasn’t too bad.


    Hope you get to, Kay! Thanks for reading!

    Ashley Bree Perez

    I have never traveled abroad either. (: would love this!


    I plan to travel with my 2 year old abroad this year. Hopefully, this will help us. Thanks

    Lisa Brown

    I hate jet lag. Your tips above are helpful.

    Julie Wood

    Thanks for the tips on jet lag. Very informative video, and wearing eye masks really helps to block out the light, and I hope you are having fun with the kids! Thanks for another awesome giveaway!

    Julie Waldron

    I’ve traveled to Europe in 1987 when I was 17. My husband & I went to Alaska last August. we flew on the red eye from Minneapolis but I didn’t get jetlag

    Nerissa Morgan

    I am originally from South Africa and moved to the USA 4 years ago. When I got here, I struggled with jetlag for weeks. The 8 hour time difference got me good. It took me a whole to realise I needed to occupy myself so as not to fall asleep during the day, so I could sleep at night. My husband didn’t struggle as much as I did. When I went back to SA for a visit after 2 years, I had zero jetlag until I got back. Weird.

    Betsy R Barnes

    I have not traveled abroad, however, we did travel to Jamaica many years ago and I did experience a little jet lag. I think it was mostly because I got a really bad cold and it wore me down. 🙂

    Vivian Sun

    I have experienced Jet Lag and it lasts for about a week. I was traveling to Asia and did not have kids back then so I can imagine how hard it can be for kids. The best advice is to try to get on the schedule with the local time as soon as possible.


    Good tips–jet lag can be really tough….especially when traveling with kids!

    Dana Matthews

    Great advice! Kids and traveling is very tiresome. Nice giveaway!


    I know that trips with kids can be a challenge and jet lag can add to the stress. Your tips are good ones.


    Sounds like great tips! I’m not sure we will ever be flying (deathly afraid) but will keep them in mind.


    I only had jet lag once, but I need tips for the future! Thank you!


    You are SO generous with your giveaways! Thanks so much! <3

    Betty Curran

    Those were some great tips not only for children but for adults as well.

    Sherry Conrad

    Some good tips, thanks for sharing & the giveaway.

    steve weber

    Jet lag is the worst! thanks for the great tips


    Yep – not very fun. Thanks for reading!


    I haven’t had a long flight with my children yet, but we’re planning on taking an overseas trip in the next few years. Thanks for the advice.


    Happy to help! I have a few more posts on this topic, so be sure to check those out if you want to! 🙂