How to Wean Off Pacifier: Tips for Toddlers

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I get a lot of questions about toddlers and pacifiers.  For many parents of toddlers, getting rid of the pacifier is an epic event and they have to call in the binky fairy!  Watch this video for my two cents on pacis generally and how to wean off pacifier in style!

How to Wean Off Pacifier: Tips for Toddlers

Getting Rid of the Pacifier

I received this question from mom Reagan about her 17-month-old who still uses a pacifier:

“My husband wanted to get rid of it at 12 months because that is what pediatrician told us to do,” she wrote, “but I thought that was too young. I don’t want to cry it out, any suggestions or tips?”

My tips on pacifier weaning include distracting your toddler, introducing another transitional object or lovey, or making an event of saying bye-bye to the binky.

What would you share with other parents who are trying to get their little ones off pacifiers?

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