How My 3 Year Old Lost Her Front Tooth!

Hi everybody! Today’s video is about when toddlers lose teeth early! A lot of parents wonder at what age do kids start to lose their teeth — I know I did. For my kids, they lost their bottom baby teeth at around 6 and their upper baby teeth starting at 7. Hedley didn’t develop two adult teeth so he still has several baby teeth at 10, but that is out of the ordinary for those two bottom teeth, which are usually the first to go. Anyway, we had a little accident while we were on vacation and Marielle knocked out her front baby tooth. Kinda sorta traumatic, to be honest. We put the tooth in milk and began reading about re-implantation, worried that she had permanent damage.

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Do baby teeth have roots?

Although I’m certainly not a dentist, I knew that the average age to lose a first tooth is not THREE! That was enough to freak me out. And then there was the look of the actual lost tooth. The baby tooth that came out of Marielle’s mouth — and I show a picture in the video — was much longer than I ever would have imagined her little mouth could house! It looked like a sabertooth! The tooth surface that you see made up less than half of the length of the overall tooth. And poor Marielle had a gaping hole in her mouth. I was concerned that she had effectively knocked out a developing adult tooth above, that the upper part of her baby tooth or root was the beginning of an adult tooth.

So off to the dentist we went. For more on my experience, and for what I learned about toddlers who lose their teeth early, watch my video!!

And please weigh in! When did your kids begin to lose their teeth? And how many have they lost thus far?