How My 3 Year Old Lost Her Front Tooth!

Hi everybody! Today’s video is about when toddlers lose teeth early! A lot of parents wonder at what age do kids start to lose their teeth — I know I did. For my kids, they lost their bottom baby teeth at around 6 and their upper baby teeth starting at 7. Hedley didn’t develop two adult teeth so he still has several baby teeth at 10, but that is out of the ordinary for those two bottom teeth, which are usually the first to go. Anyway, we had a little accident while we were on vacation and Marielle knocked out her front baby tooth. Kinda sorta traumatic, to be honest. We put the tooth in milk and began reading about re-implantation, worried that she had permanent damage.

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Do baby teeth have roots?

Although I’m certainly not a dentist, I knew that the average age to lose a first tooth is not THREE! That was enough to freak me out. And then there was the look of the actual lost tooth. The baby tooth that came out of Marielle’s mouth — and I show a picture in the video — was much longer than I ever would have imagined her little mouth could house! It looked like a sabertooth! The tooth surface that you see made up less than half of the length of the overall tooth. And poor Marielle had a gaping hole in her mouth. I was concerned that she had effectively knocked out a developing adult tooth above, that the upper part of her baby tooth or root was the beginning of an adult tooth.

So off to the dentist we went. For more on my experience, and for what I learned about toddlers who lose their teeth early, watch my video!!

And please weigh in! When did your kids begin to lose their teeth? And how many have they lost thus far?

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  • Rhonda

    This makes me feel a lot better, my daughter (she’s 2 1/2) just lost her front tooth from a fall, she’s going to the dentist tomorrow. I know this sounds kind of dumb, but the evening she lost her tooth, after we came back from the ER, I cried almost like grieving the loss of her tooth. I even cried the next day, while on the phone trying to find her a dentist. We hadn’t taken her to the dentist as of yet, so we were trying to find her one. I was just relieved it wasn’t worse, like losing multiple teeth or hurting her head, or breaking a bone. Thanks for making this video.

  • ckozwick

    Ugh… sorry for Marielle (and mommy & daddy!). Our little guys’ first 2 bottom teeth never stopped erupting. It was very traumatic for us to have this happen at barely 2 years old. Then, just before his 3rd birthday, he fell and hit his top 2 front teeth. Fortunately, one was fine, and our amazing dentist was able to do root canal to secure the other and keep it from changing colors or falling out. A year later, just after his 4th birthday (last week), he falls again and this time has knocked that same damaged tooth loose again. Dentist bound today. I was devastated last week, and will be sooo sad to see him lose this beautiful smile, but I’m sure we’ll love the new quirky toothless one! Just need to remember the big picture, and it is just a baby tooth afterall 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story though… makes me feel better that we’re not the only ones.

  • Belinda

    My 3 1/2 yo son just lost his tooth today and it is completely traumatic. Watching this has made me feel a little better thankyou. I know it’s only cosmetic and feels stupid to be so distressed but when anything happens to our children we would rather it happens to us instead and they were left perfect and unaffected.

    • I’m glad the video could help in some way! I totally agree and thank you for sharing.

  • Crista

    My son knocked out a front tooth when he was 2 1/2. I was traumatized for the same reasons as everyone else but shortly got over it and it has given him so much character since then. He is now 4 1/2 and just recently slammed his face into the ground and his other front tooth is loose! I AM DISTRAUGHT. It helps to find posts from parents who have experienced similar, but goodness I dont want to go through this again!

    • I’m so sorry to hear that, Crista! It was so tough for us, I can’t imagine it all over again! Wishing you luck, you both will get through it mama! xo

  • JMC

    Thank you for Sharing. My daughter fell when she was younger and chipped her one tooth. That tooth now has to come out and it has infected the tooth next to it. So she is having both front top teeth removed and I am so distraught as well. She going to be 4 soon but still 3-4 years of no front teeth. I just feel bad for her, and of course like U failed her in some way. 🙁

    • Ah I am so sorry to hear that! It is a really tough thing to go through as a parent, but you will both get through it! You are doing your best and that’s all we can expect from ourselves. xo

  • Ariel

    It must be all moms who have just had the same traumatic event happen to them. My family and I were on vacation when my almost 2 year old went down a water slide and knocked out a tooth. I’ve been a mess all day. Thanks for the video and reassurance. Needed it.

    • No problem! We’ve all been there! xx

  • Cathi

    My 3 1/2 year old cracked his front tooth today and had to get it pulled. It was traumatic for me too! Watching this video made me feel a little better. I was looking for more information about if he needs to have a space maintainer. I forgot to ask the dentist today. Did your dentist say it would be fine without one? Or will the other teeth start to crowd that space?

  • Diana

    Hello cloudmom,
    Same thing happend to my son today at 3&1/2 years old. Not sure when u posted this, but I was wondering if the permanent tooth would grow any faster now that the actual root is out?