5 Toddler Tub Time How-To’s

Hi everyone, a couple of viewers have written in to ask whether I have tips on how to make toddler bath time easy.  Well, I’m not sure I’ve ever found bathtime easy, but I do have some ideas when it comes to helping kids overcome their fears as I went through this with a couple of my little ones.

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Here are my toddler bath time tips:

1) Do not run the water in front of your child.  Ever seen your child scream and throw a tantrum when you flushed the toilet, well same story here.  The loud noise of the water running can be startling for a little one, and avoiding that is a good idea.  So fill the tub when our child is not on scene, and then bring them into a serene environment ready to get squeaky clean.

2) Bathingsuits!  If you’re anything like me, you avoid putting a bathing suit on.  But when it comes to kids who are afraid of bath time, bathing suits might be your new best friend!  Put your toddler’s on and then consider even putting your own on.  The idea is to make bath time fun, and help your toddler create fun associations to overcome their fear.

3) Mini-Spa.  Add some TLC to the bath ritual.  If you have boys, lather on the body cream and comb their hair.  I do the same for my girls and they even ask for a dash of “Mommy’s” perfume.

4) Toys.  My kids love playing with boats, letters, and waterproof books in the bath.  Make sure you carefully wash the toys every few weeks to keep them clean.

5) Spray-nozzle (versus shower).  For a child, having water come pouring down onto their face is a quite scary proposition.  Better that they be able to control the water themselves.  Just make sure this doesn’t mean they are spraying all over your bathroom!

How do you help your child get over fear of the bath?  Have any bath time tips for kids? Comment below!

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