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    hi, First let me start of by saying that I love all your videos. Their a HUGE Help. I am a First time mom..and I have no idea what im doing. I have tons of questions about breastfeeding. I feel like everything Im doing is wrong. Im so scared to take care of my daughter, especially bc she is a preemie. I was wondering if I can ask you questions and you can help me out. Thank you Melissa

    Melissa Lawrence

    I will do my best — I appreciate if you ask them in the form of comments to a show b/c that way hopefully another mom can benefit — my 3rd was a premie — I could not nurse him for several days but I pumped religiously every 3 hours — the first few days I got nothing! Then, it came in… I ended up having more milk for him than for any of the other babies, and he had a bottle every day and was so flexible, it worked out great. You can ask me anything, hang in there, sending lots of love, xoxo Melissa


    hi Melissa!

    your blog is really good.. helping lot of new mommies..

    Had a question in mind

    when should we give sponge bathe to newborn baby?
    I mean should we plan before feeding or after feeding..

    Melissa Lawrence

    I did this after the first feed in the morning, but you can do it whenever it makes sense for you, and for a newborn it should definitely be a sponge bath and not a bath in water. M