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    Dolores Dulaney

    I think you are one of the smartest I know.I have had people tell one or two of my daughters they we’re so pretty in front of the others.So I had that and so did the kids,to deal with all through the teen years and it still happens. Keep up what you are doing.I give you so much credit.Actually I had the same thing happen to me and my niece,who was 1 1\2 yrs younger and a cousin. I grew up feeling ugly and stupid still feel that way and now am 79 yrs. old. please keep doing what all parents should be doing. I wish I had a way of getting this to people. I hope you write more articles.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Thank you Dolores, you made my day, in fact you made my week! You certainly are a beautiful person!!! xo M


    I understand. I have 2 daughters and I compliment them EVERYDAY including how beautiful they are. It’s how I feel so I tell them. I don’t think it’s wrong. I don’t feel it’s doing them a disservice by doing so. While I do tell them they’re beautiful daily it’s such a small fraction of characteristics that I praise them on. I’m trying to raise BEAUTIFUL women, mind, body and spirit.

    Melissa Lawrence

    That is a lot like me. Just trying to ahve them feel good about themselves for all the many things they are, not just because they are beautiful!