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    I suffer from chronic pain and it hard but what I do is try not to let my daughter know. I don’t back down on her rules because I feel like if I do than she will think she can get away with it and I don’t want my daughter growing up thinking she can get her way all the time. Chronic pain is the most scariest thing when being a parent. These question run threw my head all the time. What does my daughter think if I tell her I’m in pain? Is this pain ever going to go away. The answer is unknown I have had 2 surgeries in two years and it not going away.


    I suffer from chronic migraines and it is so hard to look after my son in what I feel is a good enough way. I struggle to hold him, play with him and even feed him when I have a migraine and makes you feel like you’re failing as a parent 🙁

    Melissa Lawrence

    I think you have to take care of yourself and not feel guilty — when you are feeling good, spend as much special time with him as you can. When you have a migraine, take care of Mom. In the end, your son will likely understand and become a more caring person for it. Hang in there! Melissa


    I suffer with chronic pain. Some days are harder than others. I have learned that by taking better care of my health I am than a better mom. I decided to no longer feel guilty for putting my health as a priority. I pray, meditate, listen to music, go to the gym, do yoga, plan and make healthy meals, I do let my family know when I am not feeling well so they can adjust their expectations and respect my need for rest. When I am better than I plan a fun activity with them. I thank them for their cooperation and understanding. I think that In a family we all need to learn communication and empathy. I feel for any parent living with chronic pain. I am that parent. I hope these thoughts will encourage you today.


    I suffer with chronic pain and I havr some days that are better than others I have arthritis in my lower back and hands and I also have abscess unside that are not going away. And have had about 11 surgeries since I had my daughter and I am getting ready for more. ( my daughter was born 2011) and also my liver keeps going bad. Maybe that’s why its taking so long to get her off the bottle and to potty train. 🙁


    I just found your article and I wanted to comment. I am a mom of 4 who has suffered with chronic pain for 34 years because I was ran over when I was 11 month old. I became an amputee a year ago after 2 years of trying to save my leg. That is only part of the pain I deal with. I now live my life in a wheelchair. Maybe one day I will get to use a prosthetic. I also have Complex Migraines. Chronic pain can control your life. I struggle everyday to be the vest mom and wife I can be but my family suffers. It doesn’t help that most Drs answer to the issue is to give you more pills as if 5-6 a day isn’t enough. One day at a time with God by my side that’s how I live my life.