Should Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Take Maternity Leave?

Hello Mamas (and Future Mamas) everywhere! Are you pregnant with your first child? Maybe it’s your second or third! If you’re leaving a job for a bit to care for your new bundle of joy and planning to return, the length of your maternity leave has got to be top of mind.

Should Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Take Maternity Leave?

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

So there’s a lot of talk this week about new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, who is pregnant with her first child. She has stated that she will only be taking a few weeks of maternity leave and that she will be working throughout. Some moms agree with Marissa, others think she should stay home longer with the baby.

 Any working moms with their own advice ?

Returning To Work After Maternity Leave

In my view, Marissa’s is a very unique situation, as she is stepping into a job at a company that has been in turmoil recently, so it’s improbable she could have taken the full maternity leave. At the same time, I think she needs to be sensitive to the role she’s playing as a public figure. We don’t want employers all over the country assuming that after several weeks, new moms are physically and emotionally ready to pop back into the conference room! I sure wasn’t, and ideally, each mom has some time at home to learn how to care for her baby.

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What about you? Did you feel you needed a long maternity leave? Were you ready to go back to work? (I know I sure wasn’t) Share your opinions by commenting below or Tweet me @CloudMom.

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