Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Party Ideas

February is just around the corner, can you believe it?? I certainly cannot. Time is certainly flying by and before we know it, it’ll be Valentine’s Day (my favorite holiday!!). But before we can celebrate the day of love, America will be glued to the TV on February 7th – the Super Bowl! In my family, I’d say my boys are bigger fútbol than football fans, but maybe I’ll try these super bowl party ideas this year to get my whole family excited about the game!

Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Party Ideas

Super Bowl Game-themed Invitations

Especially if you’re planning on inviting other families and their children, why not let your kids in on the invitation-making process? Some cute ideas for football-themed invitations include ones that look like game day tickets or that are football-shaped, like these easy-to-make invites made of construction paper! I know my kids would have a great time designing their own unique invites for each guest!


Super Bowl Party Decor

Here are some creative ideas for getting your place spruced up for the game! How about a triangle pennant garland hanging along the wall with the letters spelling out “Go Team”? Use the colors of your favorite team to help decorate, too. For instance, if the team’s color is red, use red cups, red paper plates, and red napkins for serving the food. Decorate the kids, too, by having them make signs for the game and making a face-painting corner. Your kids can choose to have footballs or the team’s name painted on their cheeks. Or, if you’re as inartistic as I am, paint plain black streaks under their eyes like the real pros!

Super Bowl Game for the Kids

Let’s face it. If you’re not the biggest football fans, the game can seem to drag on. Keep your kids engaged by asking them about their favorite Super Bowl commercials or by turning the game into a competition. Have each kid guess what they think the score will be after each quarter, and the child with the closest guess wins a small prize of your choosing. A fun way to keep everyone excited about the game!


Super Bowl Food Ideas the Kids will Love

These Super Bowl snack ideas will have your mouth watering! Use those napkins and plates in your team’s color, set out a tablecloth to match or in green to match the turf grass of the football field, and cover it in the snacks your kids have been begging you for! It’s ok, don’t feel too guilty Mamas, the Super Bowl only comes around once a year! For the dinner, of course you can never go wrong with hot dogs or pizza, but I like to have some heartier finger foods laid out too, like mini sandwiches or trail mix. Here’s a great list of Super Bowl Snacks by Momtastic I’m just dying to try!


Super Bowl Desserts for Kids

Of course it wouldn’t be a party without dessert! But the Super Bowl isn’t a time to be serving your best molten lava cake or ice cream. With my kids’ eyes glued to the TV, I’m not about to serve them something that can so easily drip onto our carpets! Cakes shaped and frosted to look like footballs are always a good option, as are rice cereal-marshmallow treats in the pigskin shape. Magic bars are also easy to serve and eat! Another cute idea would be to make a simple batch of cupcakes but to frost them according to the teams playing in the Super Bowl. I’m sure the kids would love to help you frost (and eat) them!


I hope you’ve enjoyed these Super Bowl party tips for kids!