How to Handle a Mean Teacher

Just in time for back to school, a mom wrote in lamenting her child’s current school problems. Her child is inheriting her teacher from last year. Meanwhile, the teacher has told her 5th grade class that she takes a myriad of medications for stress caused by the class! This poor mama is asking: what should I do? Should I discuss the situation with the teacher? Write her a note?

How to Handle a Mean Teacher

I have the highest regard for teachers. Teachers must keep a class in order, stimulate children to learn, and accommodate various learning styles. We have this Norman Rockwell-like image of a complacent class taking notes and smiling with clean, shiny faces but that image is far from the reality. Kids are coming into school these days from all sorts of environments. Discipline problems at schools run rampant and respectful behavior is too often lacking on the part of our students.

So an oversized hat goes off to our amazing teachers. Yet in this case, a teacher is clearly suffering from immense psychological stress and taking it out on the kids. This mom asked me what to do, and I give my advice in today’s new video.

Hat’s off to you, mama, and thanks for writing in to explain your situation.