3 Ways to Get Ready for Back to School!

Hello dears!

Some people are already “back to school” but for others like me, this lovely time of year is just around the corner. It can definitely be overwhelming, especially with 5 kids all entering different grades! Having learned the hard way, let me tell you, here are a few tricks for the stressed-out moms out there that have made the whole process much easier for me!3 Ways to Get Ready for Back to School

Tips to Get Organized for Back to School

One thing that has really helped me stay calm in September has been making doctors’ appointments early! August appointments are easier to schedule. That way, you’re not fighting for time slots after school has started in September, with the school nurse reminding you that your child’s health form has expired (anyone? Anyone?) Another thing that has helped me has been putting all of the important dates (half-days, vacations, conferences, etc.) in my calendar or in my phone as soon as possible. This really helps avoid scheduling conflicts later on, even though I still have them because sometimes I forget to write these down! Yes, I do! For more tips on how to get organized and make back to school a less frantic time, watch my vlog!

How do you keep your cool and get your family organized for the first day of school? Any tricks to share? Comment below or Tweet me at @CloudMom!

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