Back Off Michelle Obama’s Bangs

What is it with us women and hair?

I personally hate my hair, always have.  It’s fine and can’t support a curl.  I’m not alone here.  Almost every woman I know hates her hair.  I have friends with thick, gorgeous hair and they complain when it frizzes in the rain.  (You know who you are!).  It’s almost like hating your hair, for all or at least part of the time or for select events, is part of being a woman.

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The whole hair thing is actually really not good for women.  It’s another way in which we women hate our bodies and subject ourselves to unrealistic standards set by movie studios and glossy magazines.  Standards no actual person can live up to in a normal life that includes things like walking down the street.

So we hate our hair.  Meanwhile, when did you ever — EVER — hear a guy say he hates his hair?  Even if he has a huge, round bald patch?  Even if he has NO HAIR?  No, no, he won’t take himself down and people will call him sleek and elegant.

We women are our own worst enemies when it comes to hair, and then others use our hair to take us down.  Powerful women are taken to shreds over their hairstyles.  Whenever Hillary Clinton would head off abroad to work to resolve some global conflict people would talk about how her hair was properly blown out or not and whether she should wear it long or short.  A search today on google of Hillary Clinton hairstyles returned 282,000 results.  WHAT???  What is she a Disney Princess?

Hillary Clinton hairCheck out this photo here.  The editors writing had two possible things to focus on while Hillary attended an event in Washington in 2010.  They could have written about how she was arriving with France’s Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner for a meeting on the flood emergency in Pakistan at the United Nations, or they could have focused on her hair.  Small surprise that this photo comes up under Google under the title “Hillary’s Hairdo Doesn’t Cut It.”

I personally found it reassuring when she looked like she didn’t spend two hours on her hair like some other people in the public eye, because I took it to mean she was actually focusing on her job. Like any of us womenfolk, she threw her hair back into a clip so that it would be out of her eyes and she could concentrate on what she was doing.

Now Michelle Obama speaks at the G8 conflict in Belfast and people are hammering her bangs?  The hastag #bangsfail is now officially trending on Twitter and let’s just say people are not applauding.  Come on, people!  Let’s grow up.  I just read an article about this whole Michelle Obama bangsfail thing that didn’t even mention what her speech was about!

Michelle Obama's Bangs

Hair is just another way to keep powerful, intelligent women down.

Enough is enough.  Lay off Michelle’s bangs and find some powerful dude’s hair or facial hair to rag on.

Or better yet, in the spirit of world peace, ignore Michelle Obama’s hair and focus on what she’s saying?