5 Educational Toys under $30 for Older Kids

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Melissa here, with my last installment in the Amazon educational toy series! Ah..the preteen years. My oldest son has gotten to this phase in life and let me tell you, it’s always a wild ride. So curious and full of energy! And their holiday wish lists – don’t even get me started! There is no way any of us could afford all of the things my kids are asking me for!

5 Educational Toys under $30 for Older Kids

But I do have some educational toys in mind for my preteen boys that I think they will enjoy, without breaking the bank! Also great educational toys for preteen girls as well! Here’s the list:

1. 4M Hover Racer Science – $16.99 – Are your kids fascinated by futuristic toys? They’ll love this hovercraft kit and watching their hover racer skim smoothly across the floor on a cushion of air. A perfect inspiration for their next science fair, too!


2. ThinkFun Maker Studio – Gears Building Kit –  $19.99 – Are your kids future engineers? Then this is a perfect toy for them this holiday season. Choose from making a race car, cable car, motorcycle, and more! A great way to introduce the STEM field to your preteen and stimulate imagination and creativity.


3. SmartLab Toys That’s Gross Science Lab – $20.95 – A fun way to learn about the things that make us go “Yuck!” This fun and educational toy comes with a full color 24 page book and includes 26 experiments and chemistry fun facts for hours of fun and learning!


4. 4M 3-Dimensional Glow-In-The-Dark Solar System Mobile Making Kit – $18.99 – Are your children fascinated by all things space? Feed their curiosity of the solar system with this fun flow-in-the-dark mobile. Includes a poster with fun solar system facts so they can learn as they build!


5. Geek & Co. Science Geeker Speaker Lab Kit – $19.34 –  Don’t just get them an mp3 player this holiday, give them the knowledge of sound technology! This fun kit makes sound waves visible and practically turns any surface into a large speaker. A cool way to experiment and visualize sound wave patterns!


So that’s the list! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and if you have any other ideas for affordable preteen toys, feel free to comment below!