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    Gina Ferrell

    I love to see these kinds of educational toys for the kids. These are the best kind of toys to buy as a gift for a girl or boy to enjoy. After seeing their commercial I want to build something fun! 🙂


    Agreed! Such a great toy for kids! And don’t they have a fun commercial??

    Thelma Hamm

    These look like fun! Good luck everyone!


    They are! My kids LOVED them! Good luck, Thelma! 🙂


    love such educational toys. my kids would have hours of fun with this. Thanks for this amazing giveaway.

    Kim Avery

    I’ve been looking for something more creative for my older grandsons. This is perfec!


    This will be awesome for my son to play with.


    I think this would get a significant amount of play time at my house.

    Richard Hicks

    Snaps are interesting and I think the kids will love them


    I would like to win this for my granddaughter 🙂

    Dana Matthews

    Educational toys are the best. This one would make my girls think and concentrate. Looks like it would pass time and be fun too!