Signs of Colic in a 2 Month Old

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Hello my dear friends.  In today’s vlog, I’m answering a question from a new mom Alena whose 2 month old shows signs of discomfort after feedings and is waking up crying after just 30 minutes of napping.  Alena, babies at two months are still very young!  Keep that in mind!  At this point, most of us were struggling to get our babies into a routine and to establish good feeding and sleeping patterns.  Babies having difficulty sleeping at this age are pretty much the rule, from my experience.  And short naps in a two month old are common two, often because babies at this age just need to eat, eat, eat – which is a good thing!  You just want to make sure that your baby is getting enough rest and digesting well, so glad that you wrote in and I hope I can be helpful.

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How were your 2 month old’s in the sleeping and feeding departments?

Signs of Colic in Babies

Alena, from what you describe, your baby’s sleeping problems are coming from an irritated belly a few hours after a feed.  I’ve learned to really trust my mom instincts and I urge you to do the same.  Listening to what you’re going through, Alena, it strikes me that you should visit with your doctor and describe these symptoms.  I am betting he is going to suggest that these are signs of colic or of indigestion, which are quite common in young babies and can be tricky to treat.

I have a video about colicsymptoms and treatments that I hope will help you. And here is another great resource when it comes to colic from Dr. Harvey Karp which really helped me and which I’ve relied on in some of the advice for new moms that I’ve given on colic, and on eating and sleeping problems of infants in general.

So I say, get your doctor’s thoughts.  For more on why based on my experience, watch my vlog.

If anyone has advice for Alena’s 2 month old baby, please share below and thank you so much for watching CloudMom.

Xo Melissa