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    Hi.. i am a first time mom .. my son is 9 months old. I m trying to offer him purees from last 3 months but he never opens him mouth. Not even for the first bite to taste it..
    i tried store brought stage 1 foods, home made foods. He doesnt open his mouth for anytype of food.
    I even tried offering him soft chunks of food (baby led weaning) he plays with it but doesnt eat.
    I tried to offer him from my plate while eating but doesn’t open his mouth.
    I even tried to offer him food before milk, after milk when hungry, when not hungry. Nothing works.
    (He plays well, sucks his hands, keeps all the type of toys in his mouth)
    He is just getting his nutritions from formula milk. He is in his 50% in weight.

    I am helpless with his solids
    Can you please suggest me some solution.