Should I Put Cereal in Baby’s Bottle?

A mom wrote in asking about her 9 month old baby who won’t sleep, wondering if putting cereal in her baby’s bottle is a good idea. My thoughts in today’s new video.

Does Cereal in Bottle Help Baby Sleep?

Helping 9 Month Old Baby Sleep

First up, how to make a 9 month old baby sleep! It’s a subject I’ve tackled again and again since I get so many questions from viewers whose babies are not sleeping. We’ve all been there! My mantra is: regular feedings during the day (every three hours for a breastfed baby and every four for a formula fed baby); make sure baby is awake and full; and try a “top-off” feed at 10pm-11pm at night. When you stick to this sort of schedule, sooner or later the baby begins to do longer stints at night because the baby is awake for much of the day and consuming the majority of her calories during the day.

Does Cereal in Bottle Help Baby Sleep?

Now on to the issue of putting cereal in a bottle, which I thank you for, mama, since I’ve never been asked this question before. Meanwhile, my own mother did this, as did generations of mothers who had begun to bottle feed their babies. However, as appealing as this idea might seem, it is a “no no.” I went to Dr. Greene for the reasons why, and walk through his points step by step in the video.

How was your baby doing at 9 months of age? Weigh in below and thanks so much for watching.