HELP! My Baby Keeps Taking Her Diaper Off!

Hello, hello. What do you do when your baby or toddler decides that it would be more comfortable to be sans diaper when YOU don’t think he’s ready to potty train? That’s the subject of today’s video.

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Some fight it. And there are a few things you can do which I discuss. One, put the diaper on backwards (clever, right)? Two, try toddler zipped back pajamas. Three, duct tape … really?  I would worry I couldn’t get it off.

At what stage did you potty train and how long did potty training take?

So the real question facing parents who confront a toddler taking his diaper off in the crib is: is your toddler ready for potty training? I found that for my boys, potty training them before 3 was more trouble than it was worth. My girls started earlier, in the 2’s, and were pretty much finished by 3.

When this happened to me, I just said “no” in a fairly stern fashion and luckily the problem pretty much went away. Part of this whole thing involves whether your toddler is ready to leave the crib for a toddler bed, because once the diaper is off, your child will need access to the bathroom during the night. Are you ready for that?

For more thoughts and strategies, watch my video and weigh in with what worked for you. Oh, and thanks for watching CloudMom!