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    As mothers, we have to put ourselves out sometimes because of our children. She needs get over it. Stop trying to get publicity out of your child and just take care of him.


    The bus driver is not blaming the baby, he is merely expecting the mother to respect other passengers and get off and change the diaper. The fact that she got off the bus, changed the diaper and then made a call to the bus company to complain, before taking the baby to the doctor, speaks volumes about her priorities!

    Walt G

    Learn how to spell. It’s “rite of passage,” not “right of passage.” Du-uuhhh!!!!


    Oh, come on people…that bus and the driver couldn’t have tolerated this situation for two more stops? Is Seattle out of compassion? The Seattle Metro bus drivers have the WORST customer service ever! They have a public service job and a LOT of them treat the public like the enemy. I am 66 years young and ride these buses 5-days a week and am having my 3rd surgery this month from one of these thoughtless boobs slamming on the gas & brake suddenly while pulling into our stop, throwing me into a steel pole…then this Monday morning another thoughtless jerk closed the back door on me while I was exiting the bus, catching my broken right hand and right knee in the door, because he couldn’t bother to look he his mirrors before closing the door. HORRIBLE unnecessary crap goes on every day with King County Metro buses and the worst part is…THEY DO NOT CARE about any of us!!!


    Ok even ignoring the stinky diaper she shouldn’t have been on the bus with a sick
    child, what about all those passangers right to not be exposed to whatever the
    baby had. I’ve been sick numerous times because of some inconsiderate parent
    That thinks its ok to go wherever they want with a sick kid. I think the driver should
    get a raise for it. You have a right to take your kid on the bus sure, but what about
    my right to not have to sit beside a kid with a diaper full of poop. In a civilized society
    the needs of the many always outweigh the needs of the few or one.


    I agree. If I had to smell a stinky diaper in an enclosed bus, I’d end up throwing up! Then, there’d be the smell of poop AND vomit. I understand that babies will do what they do. The crying is one thing, but sick kids are another. The mother should have sucked it up, gotten off, changed the diaper, used a Wet Ones on hers and the child’s hands (as the stomach flu is passed thusly), and gotten another bus.