Crib Bumpers…Do You Really Need Them?

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Hello my dear fellow parents!

If you’re furnishing your nursery, you’ll probably want to invest in a baby crib. And crib safety will definitely be your first priority. So, let’s talk about crib bumpers. Are crib bumpers safe? This video discusses these baby crib protectors and if your family should even worry about investing in them!  Take a look for my views.

Crib Bumpers... Do You Really Need Them?

Are Crib Bumpers Necessary?

If you do decide that you like the look of your crib with the crib bumper, you’ll only be able to use the bumper for the first five months or so of your child’s life.  Why?  Well although bumpers protect your baby from bumping into the hard wood of the crib, likewise it is recommended bumpers be taken out of the crib as soon as your baby can move freely in the crib.  Bumpers can actually become suffocation hazards for your baby once they are five months old, if even earlier if your baby is moving freely before that.

Whether or not to invest in a pretty bumper for a few months in a personal decision.  For why I think you can do without the bumper, click through and watch my video.   Thanks for watching this video on crib safety and safe sleep for babies, oh and check out these other videos on this topic!

Did you use crib bumpers with your babies and for how long? Please let me know in the comments below – I would love to hear from you!