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    First, just want to say how much I have appreciated your blog and videos! As a first time mom, they have been so helpful to me!
    This video topic is so timely, because I’m trying to get my 4 month old to sleep in his crib. He’s used to sleeping in a bassinet (specifically a rock n play sleeper) and the crib just seems to big! He’s gotten used to the feeling of being snug and being able to turn his head to the side and have it supported by the V-shape of the sleeper. He’s too active to stay in a swaddle. Do you have any tips or suggestions for helping a baby get used to sleeping in a crib? And is there anything at all that you can put into the crib with them to help them feel more secure and snug?

    Double T

    I have been co sleeping with my son who is 7 months now and it has been so easy to bf that way. However, i want him to start sleeping on his own in his crib. I do not agree with the CIO method. What other methods do you suggest?