Boba Stretchy Wrap Review and Demo – Infant Position

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Hello Mamas!  Welcome back to our Tuesday how-to video!  For the next several weeks, in the spirit of getting ready for fall and ready for baby, I’ll be publishing some baby gear videos that I hope you will like.

Carrying a Newborn in the Boba Wrap

Today and next Tuesday, I’m reviewing the Boba Stretchy Wrap, one of the most classic baby carriers on the market! Even if you are a baby-wearing pro and have wrapping committed to muscle memory, please remember that the Boba Baby Wrap is different (even from other “stretchy wraps”) and does have a stretch factor to it that is all its own. It may take a couple of tries to figure out how to work with the elasticity, but it is a wonderful carrier when you get the tying method down! Watch my video for more details on this AMAZING carrier!

Boba Wrap for Infants

It is first important to note that tying the wrap snug against your body when you put on the wrap. This will ensure that your baby is carried higher and will be more comfortable for the two of you! It shouldn’t feel bulky or loose, but also not so tight that it’s uncomfortable!

Boba Wrap for infants

When you’re done wrapping and tying the wrap around your waist and shoulders, you are now ready for carrying a newborn in the Boba Wrap! The legs-out position for older infants is explained in detail in my other video on the Boba Wrap (which I’ll be airing next Tuesday with a special giveaway so stay tuned!). However, you may choose to use the Newborn Hold (up until roughly three months) if you don’t wish to separate your baby’s legs. This will give your baby a comfortable, ergonomic position in the carrier.

Once the wrap is ready on your body, take the shoulder piece that is closer to your chest and pull it away from your body. Make sure that the wrap is clinging to your body. Take your baby from their safe place, such as a crib or stroller, and slide your baby down your chest and into the shoulder piece. Don’t separate their legs. Leave the legs tucked in a frog-like position, with their bottom lower than their knees. Next, you can spread the fabric wide over your baby’s body, up to their neck.

While still securely holding your baby, spread the other shoulder over your baby’s body. Afterwards, pull the cummerbund piece up and over your baby’s bottom and to the back of  your baby’s neck. If you would like some added head/neck support, you may tuck a twisted shirt or cloth into the fabric behind your baby’s neck.

Boba Stretchy Wrap Demonstration

Once you get the hang of the tying method, I’m sure you’re going to love this awesome wrap! It’s definitely in anybody’s budget, and super comfortable for both you and your baby! A great option for any mother! Thanks again for watching!

What about you?  Are you a carrier person or a stroller person?  And which type of carrier have you preferred?  Comment below, I would love to hear form you!

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Boba Wrap Specs
Item Weight: 1.7 lbs
Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 6.1 x 6 inches
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 35 lbs
Machine Wash and Dry