A Practical Mom’s Guide to Baby Winter

With the snow STILL falling, top of mind for us moms is how to properly take care of our babies and children during these chilly winter months. Here are a few fresh and funky practical items for keeping baby comfy, warm and toasty during the winter season:

baby winter products

1. Polar Bundleme / 2. Everyday Shea Bubble Bath / 3. California Baby® Sunscreen / 4. Chenille Baby Blanket / 5. Baby 7 A.M. Enfant Doudoune / 6. Pointelle Cardigan / 7. DOLLY by Le Petit TOM / 8. Boogie Wipes

Polar Bundleme: For those rainy winter days, accessorize your stroller with a Polar Bundleme that unzips completely open to allow easy access to your child. With the soft themoplush interior and hoodie, moms will walk easy knowing their bundle of love stays cozy and protected.

Everyday Shea Bubble Bath: This kid-friendly skin care product is non-irritating to your baby’s skin and our family’s favorite.  Handcrafted with Shea Butter and soothing eucalyptus, it offers a good cleanse without over-drying.  (Oh, and if you’re interested in baby’s skin during winter, here’s another video in which I go more in-depth about personal care items I’ve used for my children during these winter months.)

California Baby® Sunscreen:  Don’t forget your sun protection, even during the winter.  I’ve been protecting my little ones from these harmful rays with SPF30+ sunscreen. It is my perfect solution since it’s pint-size for a mom on the go. With our fair Swedish skin, this product helps keep the sunburns at bay.

Chenille Baby Blanket: This was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received by a dear friend of mine.  I LOVE the softness and luxurious feel of this blanket. It’s one of those blankets you just want to snuggle into when taking a stroll.

Baby 7 A.M. Enfant Doudoune: This is a modern version of a winter onesie. Available in a wide variety of colors, this vibrant, ergonomic convertible hoodie features soft mircofleece in the lining so it doesn’t irritate your baby … plus it’s water-repellant!

Pointelle Cardigan: I’m a big fan of cardigans for newborns since they’re so easy to get on and off without pulling over baby’s head.  Available in a super array of bright colors, this cardigan is a soft yet practical addition to any baby’s nursery wardrobe.

DOLLY by Le Petit TOM: A classic pair of moccasins for your little one can keep your baby stylish and warm.  They’re so easy to slip on and off.

Boogie Wipes: When it comes to caring for our wee ones, there is nothing too gross…and that includes boogers.  These wipes are durable, lightweight, and small for easy storage. They are also readily available at many convenient stores

What are your winter must-have’s for your baby?  Comment below and share.

Stay warm!

xo Melissa