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    lovely baby

    Wonderful article. At Feel the hugs we always say wrap kids in hugs….with weather we can wrap kids in blankets wrapped around them giving them a safe feeling.

    Briggy stum

    Hi Melissa! Great information! When baby is an older infant at 9 months and you no longer swaddle them, does a onesie and fleece pj work during cold winter nights. Also, I love your idea with keeping warm in stroller but what does one do with an older infant when in the car seat and headed to the store during winter days? I read that puffy coats were unsafe in car seats due to belts not fitting correctly. Do you layer the baby and carry them into the store with blankets? Thanks!

    Melissa Lawrence

    I think the rule is no puffy coats b/t baby and car seat b/c the straps need to fit snuggly. What I did (and double check with your doc) is to wrap a blanket over the baby once buckled into the seat. Make sure it is tight and away from the face, like you do with your swaddle. I think a onesie and fleece (safe) pj during cold winter nights is fine. NO BLANKETS in the crib! Sending love. xo M


    Please make sure to not recommend after market products in a car seat(the insert) or coats. they are dangerous and not crash tested. a blanket or car poncho does just fine. 🙂
    Coats are only allowed if the straps need absolutely no adjustment from the previous rides with regular clothing.
    Just something you may want to add to later videos since this isn’t as known as it should be. otherwise super video!