2 Month Old Sleep Problems

Hello mammas and papas!  My, time flies.  Yesterday, my little girl started Kindergarten.  Today, I’m uploading a video on how to approach daytime naps with a two month old who ain’t buying it!

Newborn sleep is sort of an obsession of mine, because I tried so many times to come up with ways to get my babies to sleep soundly!  To start, here’s my schedule for a 2-4 month old breastfeeding baby, and here’s one for a formula fed baby!

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In today’s video, I describe how I approached naps at this stage.  For starters, I looked at naps just as I did night-time sleep and put my babies down in their crib with blackout shades and as much quiet as I could procure.

Next, I tried to figure out why they didn’t want to go down.  Did they need to burp?  How about just a little more milk?  Diaper change?  It’s a trouble-shooting process and over time, you get to know your baby and learn how to listen for the signs of what she needs.

Finally get baby to sleep on his own. Spend next two hours watching monitor to make sure he's okay.Like it? Pin for later!

Another big issue at this stage is the swaddle: is your baby comfortable being swaddled with her arms in?  Or can you transition to an arms out swaddle with the hope that your little one will find a finger or thumb and self-soothe?  I am 100% in favor of swaddling for naps, and in this video I explain why.

For more tips on how to get a 2 month old to sleep well during daytime naps, watch my video and please weigh in below with how you made it work at this stage!

Thanks for watching!

Melissa xo