Middle School Homework Stress

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I know I’ve been focusing my channel on baby tips and parenting advice, but my kids are growing up so fast. I can’t believe that my two oldest boys are now in middle school! So I’d like to start shifting my topics of conversation to pinpoint back-to-school related topics as well as all the baby stuff. Our first problem to tackle: dealing with stress of homework.

Middle School Homework Stress

Handling Stress of Schoolwork

Middle school is a hard enough transition without all of the extra activities and several assignments every night! I remember when I was a kid, I had one, maybe two activities going on during my middle school years. Kids really try to do it all these days, but I knew we had to make some changes around the house once I saw how the activities and the homework were wearing my kids down. Between soccer, the play, chorus, and piano lessons, my two boys barely got the time to finish all of their papers and problem sets, let alone eat a balanced dinner. So, we cut down on some of the activities (I go into detail in the video), and it has seemed to help with the time issue. I even make sure to schedule time for the boys to just relax and hang out with their friends, because hey, they’re only kids for so much longer.

The Mother's Prayer

Though this has been helping a little in our house, I would love to get your advice on how you and your family have cut down on after-school activities. Any tips for homework help for middle schoolers who are feeling pressure from many different areas in their life? Weigh in by writing a comment below!