End-of-school-year Stress!

Hi my dears! I am SO OVERWHELMED this month that I decided to try and shoot a couple of videos on my phone just so that I can catch up with you guys and fill you in on what’s going on with us! I’m really nervous about this format b/c A) I don’t have makeup on! and B) I’m getting a little more personal than I normally do! So deep breath, you gotta take risks and try new things right? I hope you guys like this!

End-of-school-year Stress!

Dealing with end-of-school-year stress

Anyway, so today I splurged on a cab which I’ve been doing more than a should lately (sorry honey) b/c I’m frantically scurrying around the city trying to grapple with end-of-school-year stress and trying to get stuff done.  In this video, I’m on my way to the Apple store, and I’m filling y’all in on what I’m dealing with at home as we prepare for a big summer adventure with our kids! We are traveling with our kids visiting family for 9 weeks and I’m so excited but also so nervous b/c I’ll be traveling without my sweetie for a lot of the time. So I’m so happy but also a bit of a nervous wreck! I’m gonna be doing some videos and snapping lots of photos chronicling my ups and down and hoping to give you guys some tips on traveling internationally with kids (so that you can hopefully learn from my mistakes!)!

Take a look and let me know what you think of this new more casual “Melissa-on-the go” video!

Hope you’re having a great day!!  Thanks for watching!

Xo M