Mom Anxiety

Hello, hello!

For a neat freak like me who always needs everything in its place and under control, having a baby really turned my world upside-down! In my videos, I’ve tried my best to give you the best advice on how to stay organized and calm, cool, and collected, but it’s still really tough. There are few things as anxiety-provoking in life as having a new baby.

Mom Anxiety

Stress During and After Pregnancy

Even before your child’s birth, all your worries, questions, and concerns can really keep you up at night! And after your baby has arrived, they are ALL keeping you up at night! I want to offer my support for all new moms – we ALL have anxiety! Here are my own motherhood survival strategies, especially for the first few weeks with a newborn!

Do you have any advice for new mothers for “mom anxiety”? Please add your comments below! I would love to hear about how you dealt with your stress!