Breastfeeding New Moms: Hydration & Breastfeeding

Hello, Mamas!

For breastfeeding new moms, hydration is key. You need to drink, and drink, and drink, and drink. You’ll probably be going to the bathroom every hour, but drinking a lot of water will help replenish all of the liquid and nutrients your baby is taking out of your body through nursing! Watch for more on hydration and breastfeeding!

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Breastfeeding Tips

If you are a milk drinker, keep it up! You’ll need as much calcium as you can get your hands on while breastfeeding in order to prevent such conditions as osteoporosis. This supply of calcium will help keep your teeth and bones strong for years to come. If you don’t drink milk, eat cheese, yogurt, or even almonds! These are great sources of calcium! Drinking water while breastfeeding is also key. Keep a glass of water next to you at all times and every time you think about it, take a sip! For more tips on how to stay happy and hydrated while nursing, keep watching!

Did you fill yourself up like a tank while breastfeeding? What was your breastfeeding water intake – 8 glasses a day? Please comment with your story!