Mommy Gear: Should I Rent or Buy a Breast Pump

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Hello breastfeeding mamas!  Back with another Tuesday how-to video and we’re right in our sweet spot today: breastfeeding.  You know you loved nursing when you dream about it sometimes (that’s me).

Breast pump pros and cons

So, you’ve had your first baby (congratulations!) and you are wondering about the pros and cons of a breast pump, and in particular asking yourself “should I rent or buy a breast pump?”

Breast pumps look very intimidating at first, but trust me, regardless of what you ultimately choose, you will learn to love your pump because of the flexibility it affords you as a nursing mom!  The pump can prove so helpful when it comes to keeping up a good supply of milk.  In the early months, I pumped after each feeding in order to generate a good supply of milk.  If you’re away from baby for long stretches of time during the day, you’ll rely on the breast pump to generate milk and preserve your supply, such as when you are at work.   Take a look at today’s video for why I consider the breast pump a breastfeeding essential.

Medela Pump Comparison

The highest-grade pumps are actually the hospital pumps, such as the Medela Symphony, that you can rent from your hospital or from a specialty nursing store. When it comes to mommy gear for a working mother who is always on-the-go, if it’s within your budget, it might be a good idea to invest in the Medela Pump-in-style which is more portable and lighter.  This pump also comes with a great travel backpack for easy storage.

Take a look at my video for more breast pumping tips and thanks so much for watching.

Anyone with some good advice on renting or buying breast pumps? Comment below – I would love to hear from you!