How to Clean & Sterilize Baby Bottles

Hello Mamas!

If you were like me, one of the biggest questions for a new mom when bottle feeding your baby was “How do I clean these bottles, nipples, and strange-looking pumping parts?” What I’ve learned is that we are not living in the 1950s anymore, and boiling your glass bottles is now a thing of the past! Keep watching this video as I show you just how simple sterilizing baby bottles can really be!

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How to Clean Baby Bottles

For me, my doctor recommended that I sterilize the bottle, the nipple, the ring, and pacifiers before your baby uses them for the first time by simply placing them in boiling water for five minutes. When you’re ready to clean all of this equipment, the AAP recommend that you wash in hot, soapy water (if it’s chlorinated water) and rinse well. Or, you can even run all of these items through your dishwasher.

How to Clean a Breast Pump

If you are pumping, you’ll need to clean all of the parts of your breast pumping equipment that come into contact with your breast and breast milk. In this video, I give you a step-by-step guide to washing breast pump parts, so keep watching for more!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my video on how to clean baby bottles and breast pumps.  What do you use to sanitize baby bottles? Let me know in the comments below!