Concerns over Baby Not Reaching Milestones

A mom wrote in asking “why isn’t my baby reaching milestones.” I ponder her concerns and give some tips in today’s new video.

Mama, your first concern is that your baby is not sitting up for long periods of time. He sits up but then lurches backward. He does not crawl. And he despises tummy time.

When to Worry about Baby Not Reaching Milestoneswhy isn't my baby reaching milestones

As I share in the video, I had many and recurrent concerns about my babies not reaching their milestones. All of my kids sat up late, crawled late, walked late and talked late. It was so stressful. I remember hanging out with my new mom friends and feeling a growing pit of dread in my stomach, so concerned was I that there was something wrong with my baby.

If this pit has landed in your stomach, check with your doctor and ask him what a normal range is for these developmental milestones. Then, ask him what you can do to encourage your baby to grow stronger.

Here are some ideas, and watch my video for more details:

tummy time. Try lying on the floor yourself on your back and putting your baby in tummy time on your own stomach.

-if your baby likes being on his tummy, try encouraging your baby to reach for things to encourage crawling

-try gently pushing your baby off on his own with your hands.

-make sure you create a safe environment in which your baby can explore freely.

For more tips, watch my video. Stay calm, get all the information you need, and remember: the most important thing is to love and support your baby, the rest will fall into place.