Newborn Breastfeeding Schedule

Get the schedule.

Hello Mamas!

Today’s video is all about the difference between on-demand breastfeeding and scheduled feedings.  Breastfeeding your baby is exhausting and overwhelming, but with this baby feeding schedule, I hope I can bring some peace to your hectic life as a new mom! Keep watching for more!

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Newborn Feeding Schedule

If you are following the on-demand breastfeeding schedule, the AAP (American Association of Pediatrics) recommends 8-12 feedings every 24 hours, lasting 10 to 45 minutes each. On-demand breastfeeding happens when your baby shows signs of hunger such as chewing on their first or wrist, puckering their lips in search of a nipple, or crying. The hardest part of this is usually keeping your baby awake!

For a more scheduled feeding method, you’ll be putting your baby in the crib 1 ½ hours after each feed, and waking them up if necessary for their next feed 3 hours later. I’ve thrown a baby feeding chart into this video to let you know what times of the day are ideal for breastfeeding your baby!

This is a pretty rigorous schedule, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll have a baby who sleeps well during the day, wakes up hungry, and sleeps soundly through the night (hopefully!).

What tips do you have for a newborn breastfeeding schedule that you can share? Comment below – I would love to hear them!