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    shannon fowler

    I love the print on these pants! When we travel we try to find a hotel with a gym with similar equipment to what I like. We also like to stay active on the trip too.


    That’s great, Shannon! Good for you guys!

    Gail L.

    I think these pants are so cool! I’m going on a cruise soon and would love to wear these when I go to the fitness room.

    Jen D.

    I’m always looking for exercise clothes that will keep me cool. Now that it’s summer, I have to have a fan blow on me through my workout. Thanks for such a generous giveaway!


    Ha ha! I feel like I need a big fan to blow on me too during these summer months even when I’m not working out… thanks for entering!


    I’ve been getting into yoga more and need some clothes to work out in.


    Good for you! Yoga has been a lifesaver for me. Good luck and thanks for entering!


    thank you for the chance! This would be great. I definitely need to get some work out clothes. especially some as cute as this!

    Julie Bickham

    I love the look of these workout clothes!


    They are wonderful! So many options to choose from too!


    New to yoga. It help me with stength training my legs due to MS


    Glad it has been helping you! Thanks for reading!

    Jessica W.

    I love Yoga. These clothes look amazing.


    Onzie is definitely my go-to for yoga wear! Love their selection!


    Onzie carries really beautiful and unique yoga clothes. These are clothes I can definitely workout in.


    you’ve sold me on this company for yoga wear Rosanne


    Their stuff is WONDERFUL! Thanks for checking them out!

    James Robert

    My oldest daughters wants to start yoga so this post I need to share with them.

    Cheryl Chervitz

    I really need to start doing yoga.


    My mom used to do yoga when I was little and I was always fascinated watching the poses.


    Some of the poses are a little interesting looking, aren’t they? Ha ha.

    Julie Terry

    I really should be doing yoga.


    I would try it if you haven’t – you might love it!

    Natalie U

    I swear I don’t know how people can contort their bodies like that for Yoga…I am jealous


    LOTS and lots of practice. Trust me! ha ha.

    Peggy Johnson

    I have been learning yoga and find it really helps with my tight muscles

    Michelle R. Carlino

    Fabulous giveaway..Onzie is such a great company!!!


    That is such a unique design! Would love this to have this on when working out!

    Sandra Watts

    Love those great yoga pants! Very cool style.

    Michelle Gray

    They look so stylish in comfortable. The fact that you’re in such great shape is an inspiration to us mommies everywhere.

    Wendy W.

    Paris what a lovely place to live.All the best with the move.You are very fit. Yoga is amazing.I love yoga.

    Kari Lorz

    I love the top, cute but everything is contained ( sometimes feel that I’ll fall out of some yoga tops).


    They have a variety of different style tops to choose from. If you’d like, check out their website to see at! 🙂


    I like the patterns on the bottoms.
    slehan at juno dot com

    Jerry Marquardt

    I love all the fine patterns, especially for the pants.