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    Linda G.

    My goodness, that would scare you to death, thankful for a good outcome!!!


    We are very thankful! Thanks for reading!


    I am a physical therapist and we treat patients with concussions daily!

    shannon fowler

    This is such a great post. So may head injuries don’t get attention quickly.


    Thanks, Shannon! Hopefully it helps raise awareness and helps people become more informed!!

    Julie Terry

    Thank goodness your daughter is okay.


    It was a very scary experience! Thank you!


    Must be a terrible moment not just her Marielle but for her mom as well. Glad she is doing well.

    Kari Lorz

    So sad and such a stressful experience, so glad it turned out well. Hugs to your little one!


    That is so scary. We went through this a few months back and were just terrified. I’m glad she’s ok.


    Thanks, Leela! So sorry you went through this too.


    Concussions are nothing to sneeze at. Glad your daughter wasn’t badly hurt.
    Thanks for the contest.
    slehan at juno dot com


    I wonder if I would let my children play football.