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    Great story! The same way I felt when I finished school and wanted to take my son on vacation to Florida. I would rather have a fantastic memory of our time together than anything else at that time. I’m so glad we took that trip!


    In 2009, i was homeschooling my then 9 year old son and signed up for Cosmetology school myself. We worked on his schooling and activities during the day and I went to my school at night. We did this for 19 months. Finally I was done and had some money in the bank so we decided to take a trip. We drove from TX to FL and spent a whole week at Disney World visiting all the parks. Then we drove to Ft Lauderdale to spend another week visiting family where we spent many days and evenings at the beach. We snorkeled, played in the sand and looked for seashells. We got to visit our favorite ice cream parlor, Jaxson’s. We even got to drive to Miami to go to the zoo. On our way back north we stopped in St Augustine to visit my aunt and uncle and their son, who was the same age as my son. We had a blast at the beach, hotel pool and at Ripley’s museum. We got to take a harbor tour and saw dolphins and a lighthouse. Then we drove back home to Texas. It was a wonderful vacation where we could all reconnect after me being in school. It is a time I hope my son never forgets.

    Melissa Lawrence

    I’m sure he won’t! Thanks for writing in Kelly! xo M


    About 5 years ago my father in law and my 3 grown daughters grandfather passed away. We decided to drive straight thru from California to Indiana for the funeral. The four of us had a great time together even though we were going to say goodbye to a loved one. One of my favorite memories was when we were caught in a traffic jam next to a semi truck that was carrying sheep. We were moving foot by foot so we decided to talk to the sheep. BaaaBaaa. That went on for 1/2 hour. Boy, were the other people in the traffic jam mad at us. That was just one of the many happy journeys I have had with my daughters and grandkids.

    Melissa Lawrence

    you sound like someone who knows how to make the memories. God bless. xo M


    My son is still really young but an adventure we shared was flying to Virginia Beach for a getaway. I never would’ve gone that far but I won a free trip through my work. It was so much fun, riding bikes, going to the waterpark, playing in the ocean, taking a dolpin cruise. I look forward to many more adventures with him.

    Melissa Lawrence

    I went to Virginia Beach once and it was beautiful.


    As nervous as I was, taking my 2 yr old son on a helicopter ride last summer was an amazing experience. He had so much fun and was in such awe that my heart was leaping the whole time!

    Melissa Lawrence

    wow, that is truly an adventure!

    Gayle Gardner Lin

    My adventure was with a granddaughter instead of one of my children, and it was a road trip. Just the two of us when she was five years old.
    I took her to my home state of NC so she could see the places I’d lived as a child and where I graduated high school.

    She met some of my closest old friends and relatives she’d otherwise have never met.
    We took lots of pictures and made a trip album for her when we got home.

    She’s a teenager now, and we still like to go through the album together and remember things that happened.

    Melissa Lawrence

    what a wonderful story, thanks for sharing!