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    Vanessa @ Practicing Motherhood

    I can understand why you’re were upset. I had my experience with allergist for myself and they’re not the most compassionate doctors in my opinion. Some are out right arrogant. Let’s say I didn’t schedule another appointment with that doctor’s office again. Whatever power trip that doctor was going through has nothing to do with your mothering skills. If the records was at the office, maybe she would of been nicer but that wasn’t your fault either. Seems like Annaliese is a strong, brave girl and it seems like she forgot all about the ordeal which is good. All you can do is the best you can, everything else is out of your hands :).

    Lily Sanchez

    you’re a great mom Melissa, don’t let the doctor’s attitude cause you to doubt your mothering ability


    Thank you so much, Lily. That means the world to me!